At a time when development gains are in danger of being reversed, cross-border challenges such as climate change, pandemic disease, and food and energy insecurity have the World Bank scrambling to reconceive how it can continue to pursue its twin goals of eradicating poverty and promoting shared prosperity. In response, the World Bank recently released its Evolution Roadmap, proposing a dramatic expansion of the bank’s mandate and its lending capacity to address global challenges and deliver global public goods. How can the Bank ensure that any new initiatives do not come at the expense of its traditional country assistance programs? How might this shift in mandate shape the relative attention and resources the Bank devotes to middle versus low-income countries? And how can the Bank best use its available resources to support this burgeoning agenda?

Join Carnegie as Stewart Patrick welcomes Amanda Glassman and Zainab Usman for a discussion around the prospect of reforms to the World Bank and its implications for development cooperation.